The murder of George Floyd is a painful reminder that anti-Black racism and white supremacy remain ever-present in our society. The immense police brutality in response to recent protests makes the importance of the #BlackLivesMatter movement abundantly clear. When hatred and violence so routinely claim the lives of Black people, we must speak out. To stay silent is to endorse the status quo.

Our organization considers intersectionality to be a core value, and yet, it is clear that we must go further in making explicit commitments to fight anti-Black racism and white supremacy. Working in countries that were founded and built on the oppression and exploitation of those who are Black, Indigenous, and/or people of color means that we can only be effective when we recognize and work to dismantle systemic anti-racism.

We know that racism permeates our communities, and we know that aces and aros of color face heightened discrimination in our community spaces and in broader society. Our organization is committed to fighting systemic racism and to uplifting the voices and experiences of those most affected by it.

Today, as always, we steadfastly believe that #BlackLivesMatter.



The Board of Directors of Asexual Outreach