On Wednesday evening, the Department of Education and Department of Justice rescinded an Obama-era federal guidance outlining Title IX protections for transgender and gender nonconforming students in K-12 schools.

By reversing these guidelines, the Trump administration has removed an important tool for the safety and wellbeing of trans young people, sending a harmful message to hundreds of thousands of students, and leaving far too many vulnerable to discrimination and harassment.

When as many as one in four aces identify as trans or non-binary, this action unquestionably affects many members of the ace community.

This attack on transgender students comes after months of damaging rhetoric and disturbing policies that impact marginalized groups including Muslims, immigrants, and refugees. We stand with the those who today are feeling sad, angry, and fearful about the future.

Notably, Title IX remains in effect. Students who believe they have been discriminated against can contact Lambda Legal for assistance.

Asexual Outreach commits to working in solidarity with LGBTQ and immigrant rights organizations to protect and expand hard-fought victories. Together, we will ensure that all students are treated with dignity and respect.