Leadership positions

(6-10 hour weekly commitment)

Community Network Coordinator

We’re looking for a volunteer who is passionate about ace advocacy to help grow and maintain our network of ace and aro community groups. You’ll be the primary contact for community groups across the United States and Canada, helping coordinate meetings and hangouts for our groups, and helping bring new community groups into the network.

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Newsletter Editor

We’re looking for a volunteer who is passionate about communications and ace advocacy to help establish and maintain a monthly newsletter. You’ll be in charge of fielding regular articles on community group organizing, ongoing news about the ace advocacy movement, and successes within different community groups. Through this newsletter, you’ll help to build up a more connected national community, engage local community groups, and further the awareness of ace advocacy across the country.

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Social Media Manager

We’re looking for a volunteer who has a passionate for communications and a strong sense of social networking to help rebuild our social media efforts. As the manager of our Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts, you’ll help grow our base of supporters, raise awareness of ace news and advocacy, and build a community of engaged constituents.

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General positions
(3-5 hour weekly commitment)

We have no specific low-commitment positions available at this time. If you would like to join our team on a low-commitment basis, please fill out our general volunteering form.