About this position

We’re looking for a volunteer who has a passionate for communications and a strong sense of social networking to help rebuild our social media efforts. As the manager of our Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts, you’ll help grow our base of supporters, raise awareness of ace news and advocacy, and build a community of engaged constituents. 


Location info

This position is internet-based, so you can work from wherever you’d like! If you live in Toronto, you can always join us at our office as well.

Time commitment

In order to ensure our social media accounts are active, and so that we can build up robust social media strategies, you will be expected to commit four to six hours per week for at least three months. If you’re able to stay on past August, that’s even better!

Who we’re looking for

You’re a natural socializer – someone who enjoys chatting with others over email and instant messaging. You have no trouble building relationships with others, and are more than willing to help others who get in touch with you. 

You’re a problem solver. If someone asks you a question that you can’t answer, you make it your mission to find out. You understand the power of sharing knowledge, and have no hesitations asking others for input.

You’re unapologetically passionate. You have a real passion for ace advocacy and relationship building, and it shows through in your work. You’re coming to volunteer because you truly love the ace community and are passionate about making a difference.

You’re trustworthy and professional. You have no problem acting as a face for the organization, and are eager to learn everything you can about the organization so that you can answer any questions that come your way. You’re able to handle confidential information with the care it needs, and can communicate in a professional manner.

You’re self motivated. When you see something that can be improved, you take immediate steps to fix it. You have a passion for advocacy, and are excited to do what it takes to make Asexual Outreach’s social networks unforgettable.

What to expect

  • You’ll get to know the Asexual Outreach team and become part of our community.
  • You’ll have a significant impact in furthering awareness of ace issues, news, and advocacy among communities and constituents across the country.
  • You’ll stay in the know about current initiatives and key developments in the ace advocacy movement.


  • You’ll coordinate Asexual Outreach’s social media networks to share regular news and content about the ace advocacy movement.
  • You’ll work in partnership with our Executive Director to establish strategies for furthering widespread community awareness, and to set goals and solve problems.
  • You’ll help establish a framework for social content creation that promotes our values and expands awareness.
  • You’ll respond to messages on our Facebook page, directing people to resources and other teammates where needed.
  • You’ll build an active community of constituents who engage with our organization via social media.

Application process

Applications for this position are accepted on a rolling basis. You can apply through the following application form.

We will email you to acknowledge your application within one week of you applying. Please contact us if you don’t hear back within that time.

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